Thursday, September 25, 2008


What motivates you?  The last game Jacob played I think he only kicked the ball once or twice, he ran around alot, but was never near the goal.  Today I decided it was time to try a motivational technique on Jake.  To motivate a 5 year old, you need to think like a 5 year old,  I told Jacob I would buy him a toy if he made a goal.  Well, he scored twice and just missed two other goals.  So, I owe him two toys of his choosing.  What motivates you? What does it take for you to give your very best?  What does it take to get you fired up?  These are questions that I am asking myself after watching his performance improve tremendously by having a little goal.  Plus, I told him, he is the only person in his family to ever score 2 goals in one game.  Setting a goal, achieving it, and feeling like a winner, is really cool at 5 or 95 years old for that matter.

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