Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Future

Who on this earth knows what the future holds????  Deb and I celebrated 16 years together last Friday, we have been blessed in so many, many ways.  On the same day, our governmental leaders pumped about a cool trillion bucks  of our money into a problem they caused.  Today the banks of the "world" lowered interest rates to entice the credit markets.  Now many large banks are in the process of being nationalized.  We may  look back on these recent events as the beginning to the next chapter of our life on this earth.   We all need to be VERY prudent with our money and even more discerning about who we choose to follow.... 

 Matthew 24:6   You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for {those things} must take place, but {that} is not yet the end.  Check out all of Matthew 24


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Steve, such wit, such humor. Okay, not really a response to your banker tirade, although I guess I am one of those mattress money hoarding bankers! ;-)

I love the pics of all the family. I can't believe how fast everyone grows, and how cute everyone is.

I can't believe that Rachel is now the age that Deb and I were when we met. (yes, I can be bribed for those stories - except that I can't remember that far back).


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, one more thing - Congrats on the 16 years! Was it really 16 years ago, that I wore that pink dress and got so sick! Worst flight ever! H, again.

SEE THE LATEST STUFF......... said...

Thanks for the post, did you get sick because of the pink dress???

I think the government just bought your bank today, but that just means you will never fail, which is nice :) No tirade, I was just typing when I should have been sleeping.