Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mimi and Papa Visit

Why all the smiles????  Jonathan's grandparents were in town and attended his game, his team won 40-0, he scored two TDs and rushed for 128 yards on only 8 carries, and made a bunch of tackles. OK, smiles seem appropriate.
We all had a great time with the visit, we played lots of cards (Shanghai Rummy,  I think of Dad every time I play :) ), Domino's (The Mexican type), visited the Bass Pro Shop, built a previously torched fence, and generally just enjoyed the family time together around many great meals.  I took this picture after we discovered both Rachel and Sarah made the Cheer All-Star team for their respective teams.
Luxury Box Seats!!!  We sat in the Luxury Box seats for the game this week.  OK, OK, Luxury Box may be a slight over statement, it's a couch, a couch OK,  placed on the edge of the football field.  But, for Jonathan's game that sure beats the aluminum bleachers.

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