Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Old Stuff

OK, this photo looks like there is a really good story attached to it. I scanned it in hopes of figuring out who these people are, I still don't know. Cool car, intriguing pose, and a great photo. I'm pretty sure they caused some trouble on that day :)
Any ideas who these folks are?
Mom in a photo booth.
This photo was taken in 1972 we visited Rick on base, I can't remember which base.
Nancy is sporting some very fashionable bell bottoms, Dad 46 years old and still slim, Rick with the, "I'm not sure why I made this decision" look, but he is wearing a very groovy non-issued 70's leather watchband. And Me, wearing the Brady Bunch clothing collection.
I remember Mom taking this picture, one of the few that did not include her finger in front of the lens :)